Elihu Bogan


New York and Santa Barbara

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Hi, I’m Elihu Bogan and I’m a business owner in Santa Barbara, California.

I’m passionate about the companies my wife and I have built, and about the quality of life we live with our kids. I play ice hockey, chess, and I’m learning how to sail on Ideal 18s and J/24s.

My formal education and experience is in math, economics, statistics, and finance. I’m a self-taught programmer with an interest in fundamental and technical trading models, specifically in portfolio optimization, momentum strategies, and the use of leverage through futures, long-dated options, and portfolio margin. I have extensive business experience in business formation, lean (and not-so-lean) start-up strategy, financing, accounting, and marketing/social media strategy.

I am becoming a more active angel investor and am interested in consulting, advisory and board member work. Please feel free to get in touch about any or all of these opportunities.

Our Companies

Heirloom Bindery

A fine-art print shop and album/book publisher based in Santa Barbara. We service professional photographers worldwide (and their clients).

Jen Huang Photography

My wife, Jen. Check out her (and sometimes my) work at JenHuangPhoto.com.

Santa Barbara House

We are in the midst of a once-every-100-years renovation of our 1903 Queen Anne home and grounds in Santa Barbara, CA. When finished, not only will it be an intimate and exclusive wedding and event venue, but hopefully Airbnb will help put my kids through college.

Previous work

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